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The Ultimate Equestrian Holiday Wishlist

Equestrian Holiday Wishlist 2016

At Paperchases & Petticoats, we were really, really, really good this year. I expect Santa to bring only lavish gifts and no coal. If you were just as nice, check out our equestrian holiday wishlist for ideas you can send the man in the red suit, too:

1. Manifattura VALOR saddle pads

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Manifattura VALOR saddle pads

Manifattura /

Above: Manifattura VALOR saddle pads, amount varies

100% wool felt means this pad is breathable as well as shock absorbing, and the design is stunning and raw. This is the kind of product that reminds us that you don’t need bling and glitz to be beautiful.

2. Warhorse Solutions LLC Equine Shampoo and Conditioner

Equestrian holiday wishlist: War Horse Equine

War Horse Solutions /

Above: Warhorse Solutions LLC Equine Shampoo and Conditioner, $13

Also good for dogs. Wally the itchy Golden Wienershit prefers to be bathed in Warhorse, which is the only shampoo that doesn’t leave him scratching in the middle of the bed from 2AM-4AM. All natural ingredients means good for you, good for your animals, and good for the environment.

3. Dubarry Cork Boot

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Dubarry Cork Boot

Dubarry /

Above: Dubarry Cork Boot, $379

Did you ruin your Dubarry Galway Boots for work by wearing them to the barn everyday? Me too. Make it up to yourself by getting the Dubarry Cork boot just for the office and around town. They’re waterproof like your Galways, and the grippy soles won’t let you fall on the ice this winter either.

4. Rambo Waterproof Dog Blanket

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Rambo Waterproof Dog Blanket

Horseware Ireland /

Above: Rambo Waterproof Dog Blanket, amount varies

If you thought Golden Wienershit was a difficult body type, wait until you see our newest addition- Duke the old, fat wiener dog. A true sausage/seal from head to tail, finding a blanket to fit this newly adopted, older gentleman was a feat. Thank goodness for Rambo’s new design, which has tapered shoulders that leave clearance between fabric and the ground so those little Dachshund legs are free to waddle. Add in the removable liner, and he’s set for his first winter in the great, white north.

5. Orvis Reflective Leather Dog Collar

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Orvis Reflective Leather Dog Collar

Orvis /

Above: Orvis Reflective Leather Dog Collar, $49

This collar has it all, plus your dog’s name and phone number printed right on it. This avoids the necessity of noisy tags jangling between 2AM-4AM (notice a trend at my house?).

6. Ideana Equestrian Cap

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Ideana Equestrian Cap

Ideana /

Above: Ideana Equestrian Cap, $34.95

Sometimes I want to look like a cool, mod girl from the 1960s. And sometimes I also want my head to be warm. This hat accomplishes both.

7. Saga dinnerware

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Anthropologie Saga Dinnerware

Anthropologie /

Above: Saga dinnerware, amount varies

Anthropologie is known for sneaking horses into all the right places. Update your table with these equestrian themed plates in the prettiest blue and white.

8. Ronner Design Miranda Knot Dress

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Ronner Design Miranda Knot Dress

Ronner Design /

Above: Ronner Design Miranda Knot Dress, $65

In 1992 my mom made me wear the itchiest ugly Christmas sweater ever made– while she wore the matching adult sized version. If only she would’ve gotten me the Miranda Knot dress, and a matching Ronner shirt for herself instead…

9. Katharine Page Devon T-Strap Sandal

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Katharine Page Devon T-Strap Sandal

Katherine Page /

Above: Katharine Page Devon T-Strap Sandal, $375

It’s cold now, but ask Santa to buy you this elegant, bridle leather inspired sandal. You won’t regret it come spring. One note: make sure to get a pedicure on your sad, winter feet before their debut.

10. Ruby Lena Jewelry Horseshoe Layering Necklace

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Ruby Lena Jewelry Horseshoe Layering Necklace

Ruby Lena Jewelry /

Above: Ruby Lena Jewelry Horseshoe Layering Necklace, $32.40

I love rose gold, but I’d be willing to get this necklace in all three materials because layering them together at once is so gosh darn pretty.

11. Oughton Limited Carteret Tote

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Oughton Limited Carteret Tote

Oughton Limited /

Above: Oughton Limited Carteret Tote, $535

Handmade in Italy, hardware and leather as strong as the highest quality show halter, plus rich tweeds = chic and functional. This is a bag your officemates will be drooling over, even if they’ve never been within 100 yards of a horse.

12. Boden The Mac rain coat

Equestrian holiday wishlist: Boden The Mac Rain Coat

Boden /

Above: Boden The Mac rain coat, $118

In green horses print this coat, paired with your Dubarry Cork boots, will keep you dry and warm well into spring.

13. PS of Sweden Giant Swarovski Browband

Equestrian holiday wishlist: PS of Sweden Giant Swarovski Browband

PS Of Sweden /

Above: PS of Sweden Giant Swarovski Browband, $137

Was your pony extra good this year? Is your pony also a pretty, pretty princess? Then Santa should have no problem leaving the tiara of his (or her) dreams under the tree.

14. For Fox Sake Novelty Shirt

Equestrian holiday wishlist: DustyShirt For Fox Sake T-Shirt

DustyShirt /

Above: For Fox Sake Novelty Shirt, $16.97

Double entendre all day long in this adorable shirt.


What’s on your equestrian holiday wishlist?

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