Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Paperchases & Petticoats

“Get the best, forget the rest.”

We took these words as a life motto when we were of jodhpur garter strap wearing age. And while spending lots of money on paddock boots and horse shows might seem frivolous, we’re going to tell you exactly why we think they’re perfectly justified. Not everyone can marry rich, afterall!

We’ve both confessed it. We’re real-life horse addicts with expensive tastes.

On the plus side, we also happen to be conscious spenders. Yes, you read that correctly..HIGH END BUDGET FRIENDLY SPENDERS DO EXIST. Sure, at times we’ve had to stoop to desperate measures–like buy second hand tack–but in our minds there is no monetary limit to making sure our four-legged friends are spoiled to the nines. Nope, none, notta.

Wondering how we’re not broke? Simple. We make strategic decisions to spend money on what we love (anything and everything horse of course) while cutting costs on what we don’t care about (cereal for dinner …again!).

It’s not a selfish way of living though. If anyone is selfish here, it’s our horses! They indulge in more luxury items than we do and even have personal staff on hand to tend to their every need while boosting their morale with neck scratches and stud muffin treats. We’re just trying to keep up with their continued nonessential lifestyle demands.

Follow along as we make purchasing decisions and plan activities based on our horses’ needs. Grab your Sporty Sit-Tite Spray, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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