15 Questions with Equestrian Stylist and Traveller Jennifer Sims

15 Questions with Equestrian Stylist and Traveller Jennifer Sims

Jennifer Sims is everywhere these days. Her approach to stable-to-street style made her instantly—and internationally—recognizable in the equestrian fashion scene.

We met on Instagram 3 years ago while both hustling to get our brands off the ground. Jen was the founder of StyledEquestrian, and I, as one of the founders of this blog, happened to be one of her biggest fans.

Among her ongoing projects with StyledEquestrian, Jen recently began an equestrian travel account on Instagram: EqGlobeTrotter. From hotels to apparel to cuisine, Jen puts the world’s most beautiful equestrian things at your fingertips to lust over.

So, if you’re thinking of trail riding in Mexico or are looking to explore polo in Portugal, I suggest you do so vicariously through this jetsetter first. Jennifer Sims is a travel aficionado that is passionate about equestrian destinations and knows how to travel in style. Ahead, her thoroughly inspiring take on the rise of her equestrian travel brand, and why she’ll always be an #equinegirlboss.

1.  In December of 2017 you started @eqglobetrotter as an inspirational guide to experiencing the world by horseback. How did that decision come about and have you received much response?

I was inspired to launch EqGlobeTrotter while riding horses in Mexico with my good friend Sarah.  I’ve taken lots of trips with my girl friends before, but never a horse riding vacation.  We had the time of our lives!!  I’ve always been really into travel as well as horses, so why not combine the two?!

2. What’s the aim of your equestrian travels? What are you looking for while travelling?

Good experiences, adventure, good food.  And to get to learn various disciplines is really cool too….I have never tried Polo before, but am getting to give it a try in Argentina!  I like to travel off the beaten path a bit and think outside of the box.

3. How do you incorporate @styledequestrian into your travel wardrobe?

It’s pretty easy for me to incorporate StyledEquestrian when I travel by combining equestrian pieces with my day-to-day wear.  When I first launched StyledEquestrian, some of my first posts were just that.  An equestrian brand belt with jeans and a tee.  Not many bloggers were doing that at the time.  Over the past three years, the stable to street style has really blown up.

4. What do you love most about travelling?

What I love most about traveling is the adventure of it.  I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and a free spirit.  When I was a teenager, I would go out on the road with my friends bands as the merch girl.  I love being in new environments and situations.  I love to explore and meet new people.

5. One thing you don’t like about travelling?

Hands down the jet lag is the worst!!  It took me almost two weeks to get back to a normal sleep routine after Thailand/Taiwan!!

6. How do you fund your travels?

My husband and I sold a business a few years back so we are fortunate enough to be able to travel a fair amount.  We have always been big into traveling and working out a budget to make it happen. 

7. Do you have any budget travel advice?

I think when traveling it’s good to mix it up….eat at a nice, pricey restaurant one night and then cheap, local eats for the next couple nights.  And of course traveling with friends and sharing rooms is the best way to go and save money!! 

8. Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while travelling for @eqglobetrotter?

I haven’t had any culture shock yet with EqGlobeTrotter because I just started it.  But with all of the travel I have coming up for it, I’m sure I will.  Although not for EqGlobeTrotter, I was on vacation with my family in Taiwan and the things you could get to eat at the street markets were so different.   I felt like Anthony Bourdain!!   Lol!  Chicken testicles, stinky tofu, chicken feet skewers, you name it.

9. Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

Funniest travel moment happened even before I left for a vacation.  My friend Sarah and I were looking to do a horse riding vacation and I thought trail riding in New Mexico would be cool!  So I googled that and found a great looking boutique resort.  I emailed it to her, she loved it and booked her flight right away.  Then she texted me “We’re going to Mexico!!”  It was then that I realized I had sent her a website for a resort in Mexico, not New Mexico!!  So, off to Mexico we went!!!

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10. Three things you can’t travel without?

Three things I can’t travel without….my personalized K.Marie Equestrian cosmetics bag, my Wow Stick by Katherine Cosmetics and a good book.

11. What horse destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

Horse destinations at the top of my list that I haven’t booked yet…Iceland and Nevsehir, Turkey.

12. Most practical piece of advice for those planning an equestrian journey?

My advice when planning a horse travel vacation, is to do your homework.  Make sure they are reputable and treat the horses well.  Nothing could be worse than showing up to discover that the horses are unhappy and not well cared for.  After all, the main reason you are there is because of your love for horses.   My trainer also had excellent advice….never forget your horsemanship.  Be meticulous about checking your tack, mounting your horse, etc.  You’re getting on horses you have never ridden before.  Better to be safe and diligent. 

13. Why should people travel to experience different equestrian cultures?

I think with all travel, it’s beautiful to experience the world and all that the various cultures have to offer.  I have been to Africa, Japan, all over Europe, Mexico….every trip I go on is a gift and fills me with love and compassion for our world and each other. It sounds cheesy but it’s true.  Familiarity creates empathy and compassion.   It’s difficult for a lot of people to empathize and understand things they have not seen firsthand. 

14. If you think of yourself in 5 years, how do you imagine your life with @styledequestrian and @eqglobetrotter?

My long term goal is to be able to take my daughter Hannah on all of these trips with me.  She is such a great traveller and I think she could take over EqGlobeTrotter for me one day if she wants.  Who knows, maybe even a mother-daughter travel show?   In the meantime, I’ll work on growing the brand like I have with StyledEquestrian.  The sky’s the limit! 

15. What horse travel plans do you have for the future?

Coming up at the end of January I’m going to Colorado to do some Winter snowy riding, in February Portugal to ride Dressage at a Lusitano breeding facility, March off to play Polo in Portugal.  After that I’ve got cross country riding in Ireland lined up and South Africa in the early fall.  

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