Gratitude With Attitude: 9 Equestrian-Inspired Stationery Item Must-Haves

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery

Here at Paperchases & Petticoats we love horses. And stationery. So it’s only natural we love equestrian-inspired stationery and are delighted to see this trend catching on.

When was the last time you sent an old-fashioned letter in the mail? While it’s certainly easier to fire off a quick text, email or Facebook message to your friends these days, it’s still nice to get a little more personal. Make someone feel extra special with some old timey thoughtfulness.

Here are 9 equestrian-inspired stationery picks we’d love to send (or receive!):

1. Paper Pony Co.

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: PaperPonyCo

Pony Paper Co /

Above: Everyone Sucks Card, $4.50
Some days, everyone sucks. That doesn’t have to include you. For the one person in your life who doesn’t annoy you, try sending this note from PaperPonyCo. to show them how much they mean to you.


2. Hunt Seat Paper Co.

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Hunt Seat Paper Co

Hunt Seat Paper Co /

Above: Resting Mare Face Greeting Card, $4.99
She’s got beauty, she’s got grace, she’s got resting mare face.

The no nonsense queen of them all, Hunt Seat Paper Co. always gives you the right words to say.


3. Wot Ma Like

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Wot Ma Like

Wot Ma Like /

Above: Sweet ribbon rosette greeting card, $3.77
If you’re looking to send love to a far away friend, this gorgeous illustrated card by Wot Ma Like is perfect.


4. Cat Caper

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Cat Caper

Cat Caper /

Above: Flower Horse Bit Greeting Card, $3.50
This print of an original hand painted illustration from Cat Caper keeps it sweet and simple.


5. Veronica Foley Design

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Veronica Foley Design

Veronica Foley Design /

Above: Personalized Vintage Greeting Card, $19
If you want to get in touch with an old friend, try these vintage personalized cards by Veronica Foley Design to see what’s what in their life.


6. Felix Doolittle

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Felix Doolittle

Felix Doolittle /

Above: Back to The Barn Return Address Labels, $30
Captivate your recipient even before the envelope is opened with Felix Fu’s charming watercolor illustrations.


7. One Horse Threads

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: One Horse Threads

One Horse Threads /

Above: Horse Show Checklist, $9
When it comes to horse shows, preparation is half the battle. Make sure you don’t leave any essentials at home with these One Horse Threads notepads.

8. Devonhill

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Devonhill

Devonhill /

Above: Vintage “New Yorker Magazine” Journal, $12
Small enough to stash in your tack box, use these Devonhill notepads to keep track of your riding…or maybe just use it to doodle while watching Netflix.


9. Petite Pink Boutique

Equestrian-Inspired Stationery: Petite Pink Boutique

Petite Pink Boutique /

Above: Horse paperclips, $2.21
Brighten up any document with these adorable horse-shaped paperclips. You can use them as bookmarks, too!


Do you have a favorite equestrian-inspired stationery designer?

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