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Unleashed: 15 Equestrian-Inspired Dog Collars

Equestrian-Inspired Dog Collars

If you love your dog as much as your horse, a dull collar simply won’t do. Freshen up your S.O.’s (aka, slobbery other’s) style with these 15 equestrian-inspired dog collars. Just because they slobber doesn’t mean they have to look like slobs!

1. Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks

Leather Dog Collar with Grosgrain Ribbonwork by Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks /

Above: Leather Dog Collar with Grosgrain Ribbonwork by Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks, $118.00

Who! Who doesn’t want to wear ribbon?!

2. Hartman and Rose

Belmont Collar by Hartman and Rose

Hartman And Rose /

Above: Belmont Collar by Hartman and Rose, $69.99

Pretend you can afford Gucci.

3. 5/A Baker Blankets™

Baker™ Leather Trim Double-Ply Dog Collar by 5/A Baker Blankets™

5/A Baker Blankets™ /

Above: Baker™ Leather Trim Double-Ply Dog Collar by 5/A Baker Blankets™, $27.95

If you’re a Baker fan, Of COURSE you’re going to need a Baker collar!

4. Harry Barker

Deauville Dog Collar by Harry Barker

Harry Barker /

Above: Deauville Dog Collar by Harry Barker, from $22 now $6

No wearing trash…except for this beauty made from recycled plastic bottles.

5. Dog & Pony Show

The Hunter Dog Collar by Dog & Pony Show

Dog & Pony Show /

Above: The Hunter Dog Collar by Dog & Pony Show, $36.00

It’s your favorite fancy-stitched hunter bridle in collar form.

6. Dog & Pony Show

Jumper Dog Collar by Dog & Pony Show

Dog & Pony Show /

Above: Jumper Dog Collar by Dog & Pony Show, $36.00

Be like those grand-prix riders and use a clinch browband, but for your dog.

7. Found My Animal

Natural Rope Dog Collar by Found My Animal

Found My Animal /

Above: Natural Rope Dog Collar by Found My Animal, $56

Or…connect with fido’s nautical side while sporting a hand-made rope collar.

8. Tory

Leather Deluxe Line Raised Collar by Tory

Tory Leather /

Above: Leather Deluxe Line Raised Collar by Tory, $34.95

There’s nothing more classic than bridle leather!

9. Weaver Leather

Sundance Collar by Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather /

Above: Sundance Collar by Weaver Leather, $19.15 – $30.10

A must have for every dog with a rootin’ tootin’ sense of style.

10. Pampeano

Leather Dog Collar – Tornado from Pampeano

Pampeano /

Above: Leather Dog Collar – Tornado from Pampeano, £29.17

To go with that stunning Argentine Roca polo belt you also want so the two of you can coordinate.

11. Up Country

Up Country Love You to Bits Collar

Up Country /

Above: Love You to Bits Dog Collar by Up Country, $23

For when you need your dog to stand out from the pack.

12. Hennessy & Co Saddlery

Above: OCHRE dog collar by Hennessy & Co Saddlery, custom pricing

Every furry friend needs some tack bling!

13. Manifattura VALOR

Manifattura VALOR FONDO Dog Collar

Manifattura VALOR /

Above: Fondo collar by Manifattura VALOR, $200

Treat yo dog with the finer things in life.

14. Ideana

Ideana Leather Snaffle Horse Bit Dog Collar

Ideana /

Above: Leather Snaffle Horse Bit Dog Collar by Ideana, $49.95

When you need an excuse to always be talking about your horse.

15. Devonhill

Devonhill Laced Leather Sporting Collar

Devonhill /

Above: Laced Leather Sporting Collar by Devonhill, $58

Because why wouldn’t you want your dog to be hunter hack ready?

Are you as crazy for these collars as we are?

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