New Year, New Rider

That’s right- the Paperchases & Petticoats family is growing! Derby‘s mom (that’s me, Mary) is expecting a little bundle of (future leadline champion) joy!

I’ve had to explain to Derby, in stages, exactly what this means. First, the immediate consequences:

  1. A photo shoot where he gets to be the center of attention (see picture above).
  2. A lighter workload without paperchases or trail rides, leading to me not riding at all for a little while.

He’s accepted both of these, particularly number one because he is extraordinarily vain. Number two he has eased into quite well. Thanks to continued work in long lines, I think I have successfully kept his need for routine and exercise fulfilled. Now onto the future consequences:

  1. Photo shoots with a baby where he has to share the attention.
  2. A wardrobe that turns from classic prints and colors to hot pink, glitter, braids, and bows.
  3. Neglectful amounts of personalized attention while I recover from childbirth.

The first two points I’m not worried about. The last will require third party support.

We’d like to hear from you: As a new mom, how did you balance life with baby and horse?

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