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Equestrian Home Decor: 8 Ways to Make Your House More Horsey

Equestrian home decor

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be boring. Bring the fun of the barn inside! Equestrian home decor complements any style and can make the perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for horse lover on your shopping list.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your house more horsey, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started:

1. Candles that remind you of your favorite horse scents

Equestrian home decor: Grey Horse Candle Co High End Saddle Organic Soy Candle

GreyHorseCandleCo / www.etsy.com

Above: GreyHorseCandleCo High End Saddle Organic Soy Candle, $16

What better way to make your house more horsey than by infusing it with the scent of a place you love: the tack shop. For us, the smell of high-end tack automatically reminds us of past rides.

2. Plants you can’t kill: no green thumb needed

Equestrian home decor: Cozy Home Wreaths

CozyHomeWreaths / www.etsy.com

Above: CozyHomeWreaths Moss Horseshoe, $16

You can look like you have a green thumb by choosing plants that refuse to die. Just try this moss..you can’t kill it no matter how hard you try!

3. Rugs that say how you feel

Equestrian home decor: 20x60 Doooooor! Mat

20×60 / www.instagram.com

Above: 20×60 Doooooor! Mat, $41

Want your guests to know your vibe before they enter? This door mat will have your fellow equestrian friends rolling on the floor with laughter.

4. Whimsical sculptures that symbolize your love for everything horse

Equestrian home decor: Mahzerandvee Faux Horse Head

Mahzerandvee / www.etsy.com

Above: Mahzerandvee Faux Horse Head Animal Bust Statue, $38

Join the latest craze sweeping home decor: faux taxidermy! These fake animal heads combine both nature and fashion to add some new life to your home.

5. Works of art that lighten the mood

Equestrian home decor: CatCaper Spa Mares Print

CatCaper / Paperchases & Petticoats (frame not included)

Above: Cat Caper Spa Mares 11×14 illustration print, $9.99 *Tip: we had a custom listing created from a greeting card

Add an element of surprise to your bathroom. It’s a great way to think outside of the box and bring a sense of playfulness to your equestrian home decor.

6. Items that make you happier in the kitchen

Equestrian home decor: Red Maple Run Tea Towel

Red Maple Run / www.etsy.com

Above: Red Maple Run Equestrian Flour Sack Tea Towel Horse Bit, $12

Even the smallest touch of equestrian home decor can make your kitchen a place you want to be in. So go ahead, make that bowl of cereal!

7. Mug full of personality

Equestrian home decor: Pink Mug NY

PinkMugNY / www.etsy.com

Above: PinkMugNY Personalized I love Starbucks Mug, $14

Start your day off right with a chic coffee mug. Because who doesn’t love personalization? And Starbucks.

8. Visually enlarge your space

Equestrian home decor: Fluxglass Horse Mirror

Fluxglass / www.etsy.com

Above: Fluxglass Horse Mirror, $84

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who has the prettiest horse of all? This horse-shaped mirror will have you staring at yourself all day.

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