20 Signs You’re Equestrian Basic

Equestrian Basic

“Do you think I’m basic?” I asked my husband, as I scooped a forkful of pumpkin risotto into my gullet on a crisp October evening.

“No,” he said, “You’re not basic, you just like basic things.”


“You like PSLs and fall, but you don’t own Uggs and a North Face jacket. You have Dubarry boots and an Ariat jacket.”

“So I’m, like, equestrian basic?”

“Yes,” he confirmed, “you’re equestrian basic.”

Equestrian basic. Sounds like a great hashtag, so let’s do it. I’m declaring it now: #equestrianbasic.

Ultimately, the basic bitch phenomenon is great. I see it as women accepting themselves and being unapologetic for liking very trendy things, which are actually great. I don’t own Ugg boots, but I can appreciate that they are warm and soft, and the craftsmanship looks decent- same for the North Face jacket. Pumpkin spice lattes are delicious. I don’t often consume straight corn syrup with my frothed soy milk and Sugar In The Raw, but I will indulge in a PSL this fall because it tastes like a warm, caffeinated pumpkin pie in my belly. I can’t even.

But since I am a horse person, it behooves me to spend my money on horsey things. If I had to drop a couple (few +) hundo on boots, they’re going to be Dubarry and not Ugg. Because I can’t walk in a river in Uggs, and I like walking in rivers, so therefore I choose Dubarry. They also look superb with skinny jeans or leggings while walking on fallen leaves.

Not every rider is #equestrianbasic, but don’t be ashamed if you are. If your #rootd includes an infinity scarf and quilted vest, you just might be #equestrianbasic.

Let’s take a look in the mirror. You might be #equestrianbasic if…
1. Fall is your favorite time of year because Dubarrys.

2. Your quilted vest doesn’t clash with your flannel shirt.

3. You pour your PSL into a Swell bottle before heading to the barn.

4. Every Ogilvy saddle pad you own is monogrammed.

5. Maybe you also monogrammed your quilted vest.

6. Maybe there’s a monogram decal on your helmet.

7. Stop monogramming.

8. You listen to Taylor Swift’s latest album when you ride.

9. You take selfies of you and your horse in the fall leaves. Admit it, you’ve also taken an arena mirror selfie.

10. You follow every equestrian model on Instagram.

11. You wind down from a stressful day with SmartPark.

12. You cry every time you watch Harry & Snowman.

13. You’re on an eternal quest to find new uses for horse show ribbons.

14. You react very strongly to the words ‘Rolex Kentucky.’

15. Can’t get enough of fancy stitching.

16. You always have Dover on your mind.

17. You don’t understand how Boyd Martin can be so beautiful.

18. Life goals is to purchase custom Sergio Grasso tall boots.

19. Your go-to fix for helmet hair? A messy bun obvi.

20. You’re equestrian basic and proud.

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    Susan Friedland-Smith (Saddle Seeks Horse)
    October 29, 2017 at 9:31 am

    So I haven’t even watched Harry & Snowman yet because I known I WILL cry. And I too make exceptions for PSL because pumpkin is my favorite.

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