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Review: 2kGrey Full Seat Breeches

2KGrey Full Seat Breeches

Ever wish that you could wear your barn clothes in public without the weird looks? 2kGrey full seat breeches are here to help! Looking just like skinny jeans, these breeches will help you flawlessly transition from “stable to street” with stares of jealousy! Whether you are heading out with your girlfriends, to the grocery store, or class after the barn, 2kGrey breeches make this transition effortless. Created by women for women, these breeches have perfectly placed inseams and stitching that help accentuate a variety of body styles.


The 2kGrey full seat breeches offer a unique fabric that is soft to the skin (no chaffing!) yet durable to withstand riding several horses each day. The pockets in the front are much deeper than other breeches on the market and the rear pockets are not faux! Function AND fashion for the win! The waist is considered mid-rise which is perfect to cover any imperfections you’re trying to hide. The best part is that these breeches do not have Velcro ankle closures so they look just like jeans when you aren’t wearing tall boots!


2kGrey offers both knee patch (euro seat) and full seat styles. Each style features a wide variety of patterns from simple pockets to pink stitching & whimsical designs. The most popular options come in classic blue denim, but there are two white-denim and occasionally limited edition designs as well.

2KGrey Full Seat Breeches

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Thumbs Up 👍

These breeches can easily be styled from stable to street which is perfect for busy women. Tall boots to wedges (and a little perfume) and you’re all set to grab dinner with your girlfriends. Many people have expressed concern that the pocket designs will scratch their saddle, but have no fear, I have ridden in several of the 2kGrey full seat styles and none have scratched my beloved Custom Saddlery Saddle.

2KGrey Full Seat Breeches

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Thumbs Down 👎

While the 2kGrey breeches, especially the full seat, have held up to my abuse for the past two years, I have noticed that the blue denim has faded a bit. But, what pair of jeans do you own that don’t fade a little?!


These breeches range appropriately from $112 to $160 per pair. While they may be more than some other fashion-forward breeches or MissMe jeans, you’re theoretically getting dual uses out of one pair of breeches and that makes my wallet VERY happy!

Bottom Line

If you live in jeans and breeches, simplify your life by purchasing a pair of 2kGrey full seat breeches. There is a design to suit everyone’s style and plenty of compliments will be coming your way!

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