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Review: All Ears Pro App

All Ears Pro App

Once upon a time, taking photos with your horse’s ears up meant waving plastic bags, crinkling water bottles, jumping up and down, bribing with food and throwing dirt—the struggles! Technology to the rescue! Now you can use your phone (which you already have on you) instead. The All Ears Pro App makes getting your horse’s attention, from selfies to pictures to videos, loads easier.

I’m constantly taking photos of and with Dexter to pair with my posts, but few things are more frustrating than being in the middle of a shoot and running out of ways to get his attention. The All Ears Pro App helps make this a thing of the past. It has earned its place on my phone because it plays a part in making my life as an equestrian blogger much easier.


With more than 25 different horse-related sounds to choose from, I’m really impressed by the range of noises in the All Ears Pro App. It’s exciting that I can record my own as well, though I have not needed to do so with the already abundant premade options available. Dexter prefers the clip-clop sound above all and will often return the whinnies as he’s convinced there’s a horse in my phone that needs his help!

The Pro version also allows me to choose the duration and speed I want each sound to play. This helps free up my hands for holding Dexter or positioning props as I can set my phone down and continue working. Hello optimal camera usage!

I appreciate the ability to capture photos and videos with a front-facing or rear-facing camera. While I primarily use the app for its portrait abilities, the seflie option is a breeze with the inclusion of buttons at the bottom of the screen that allow me to play ear-catching sounds quickly and effortlessly. All photos and video can be taken in portrait or landscape mode.


The All Ears app comes in two versions:

  1. All Ears Selfie // $2.99
  2. All Ears Pro // $9.99
    The Pro version differs from the Selfie version by adding to its customizable features, such as the timing and speed of a sound.

Thumbs Up 👍

This app is not just limited to horses—It’s great for any pet that basically ignores the sounds their owners make during photo shoots (don’t act like you don’t do this too). The squeaky toy sound worked well for getting a friend’s dog to look at the camera and even tilt her head for a recent collar product shoot. It made everyone laugh and did the trick!

Thumbs Down 👎

The All Ears Pro app is only available from Apple’s App Store.


Admittedly, I’ve not purchased an app until now. It wasn’t due to price—I will spend upwards of $6 or more on my favorite PSL from Starbucks, but I’m always guaranteed the quality and satisfaction of the drink I’ll receive. With an app, not so much.

I am so glad I took a chance on this $9.99 app. I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth already!

Bottom Line

All Ears Pro may be my new favorite app. As long as I have my phone, getting the perfect shot is only a few clicks away. Designed by equine photographers for professional equine photographers, it’s easy to use and allows for a lot of customization. Photos of Dexter have never looked so good! Now if only I could look less derpy…

Find out more about the All Ears Pro App here.
You can also check out the All Ears App on Facebook and Instagram.

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