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Review: Mountain Horse® Serengeti Classic Dress Boots

Mountain Horse Serengeti Classic Dress Boots

“I’m going to Dover with Lindsay,” I tell my husband. He’s obviously crying a little bit on the inside.

“It’ll be ok,” I say and leave the house with our joint credit card. “It’s fine, we’re just going to look around. That’s all.”

I can’t even remember what I needed to buy that day, I think it may have been hoof polish? Whatever, it doesn’t matter now, I didn’t buy it. Everything changed when I saw them. Displayed on a short wall next to the stockroom door about waist high. Lindsay spotted them first. She said “Ohhh” while reaching out to touch them. I appeared next, made a similar vocalization and stretched out my hand.

“I like these,” I said, “What are they?”

Lindsay flipped over the tag, “Mountain Horse® Serengeti Classic Dress Boots.”

“These are Mountain Horse boots?” I said, surprised.

The next half hour was spent trying on the boots, walking in the boots, touching the boots, and having discussions with the sales girl about the boots. “People seem to either love them or not like them at all,” she told us. Understandable, I guess. The only people you see wearing boots similar to these are traditionalist fox hunters in canvas Newmarket boots. The Mountain Horse® Serengeti Classic Dress Boots are not canvas, but have a tweedy panel reminiscent of fox hunting.

The parts of the boot that are leather are pliable and thinner, with the ability to conform to the leg like a custom boot. The brown coloring varies in a very pretty and subtle way adding even more interest to the different textures of the whole design.

I was hooked. “They’ll be fun around the barn, and will look great on paperchases!” I reasoned. Yup. $339.00 later and they were alllllllllll mine.

Back at the barn, they were a dream to ride in. Flexing at the ankles as if I’d been riding in them forever. Over the course of the next month they continued to wear well, and began wrinkling around the ankle. Not necessarily “dropping”, as my more expensive, thicker boots have done, but wrinkling like I’ve seen the thinner, more delicate boots do. They still look good, it’s just a different look from my more high end and thicker walled boots, it seems to be common with this kind of soft leather.

Family photo shoots don't always go as planned...

Family photo shoots don’t always go as planned…

Sadly, the boots are now in my house tack trunk awaiting spring. I’m too much of a weenie to ride in anything but faux fur lined tall boots in the winter (wah, wah, wah, I know).

Look out spring paperchases, the style just got upped a notch.

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