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Review: Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots

Nike for horses. Own a pair of Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots and you’ll be saying that, too. These boots are designed to provide support, protection, and comfort for horses with or without shoes during times of need such as: rehabilitation, transport, show stabling, breeding, chronic lameness, pre- and post-workouts and strained tendons or ligaments.

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort boots have made trailering much easier on my horse. Before Soft-Ride entered our lives, Dexter would seem a little stiff after our trip to shows. Now, he wears these boots for trailering, when the show stalls are hard, and anytime he has to walk on gravel (aka hot lava). He no longer stocks up or comes off the trailer acting tense or sore. Proof they are magical!

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots



The tough outer shell gives the horse a “rocker” base of support while a removable, washable orthotic insert cushions and supports the bottom of the hoof. Soft-Ride boots are not designed for riding, but you can easily remove the inserts and place them in your favorite pair of trail boots. Versatility at it’s finest.

I have yet to experience a problem with the boots rubbing, turning or coming of. The little rubber bands keep the velcro fastened tight, which in turn doesn’t allow them to curl up or get packed with shavings and dirt. The soft design also allows the hoof to breath. Your horse can wear Soft-Ride boots 24/7, but I recommend that they are taken off once a day to clean out your horses’ feet.


Orthotics are available in 18 sizes and six different densities (Specialty Gel Orthotics are designed for therapeutic uses when treating injuries). While boots are sold in pairs, you can also order single boots when your horse has two different size hooves or in the event that you need to replace a boot.

Dexter wears a size 5. In shoes, he is between a 1 and 2, so the Soft-Ride sizing doesn’t appear to correspond. However, there is lot of information on Soft-Ride’s website for how to measure and fit your boots to ensure a comfortable fit. If you’re in between sizes, Soft-Ride often suggests ordering up and filling in the gaps with wool.

Thumbs Up 👍

They provide instant comfort and long-term support.

Thumbs Down 👎

Measurements are a bit confusing because the smaller the number boot, the larger foot it fits.


These therapeutic hoof boots are more expensive, but the quality is there. Soft-Rides are sold as two in a set [2 boots & 2 Standard Orthotics]: size 4-7 is $195; size 2-3 is $225.

Bottom Line

Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots are worth every penny if you have a horse with hoof problems. Recently, Dexter experienced a bad bout of thrush, revealing yet another great use for these boots. Giving him that extra bit of comfort helped me sleep more at ease. No one likes to see their baby in pain. I can’t imagine how invaluable these boots are for horses suffering from laminitis–something I never wish to experience first-hand, but will be ready for, thanks to Soft-Ride!

I would absolutely refer these boots to others.

Find out more about Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots here.
You can also check out Soft-Ride on Facebook and Twitter.

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