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Review: Walsh British Horse Halter

Walsh British Horse Halter

No ifs, ands, or buts: there’s nothing better than a Walsh British horse halter. Exceptional quality, workmanship, and durability. Not to mention they’re made in the good ‘ol U.S. of A.

You have to feel them to believe.

Luckily, most tack stores carry Walsh products, so you’re never up centerline without a whip, so to speak. Trust me, it will be the best leather decision you’ve made, well, since your saddle. And maybe your bridle too.


The Walsh British triple stitched halter is the original halter that started it all. Made of butter-soft English bridle leather with hand-rubbed edges, it features an adjustable, two-buckle crown and throat snap for added convenience.

I stick with Walsh because of their durability. My British halters are still going strong after years of abuse in the form of field tug of war, mud, and self-indulged chewing (Dexter’s open stall door policy has since been revoked). The 1″ wide two-ply construction makes this halter the perfect choice for transitioning from every day use to the show grounds seamlessly. I’ve also found the straight chin to outlast adjustable nose pieces found on most other leather halters.

The chestnut leather color started out looking fabulous and gets even better with age. Even more surprising, the simple, yet pretty white triple stitching has remained flawless over time. The solid brass hardware has not and will not rust, either.

Walsh British Horse Halter


The British halter comes in chestnut or havana with white stitching (brown stitching available upon request) as well as black with black stitching. I have one in chestnut that I purchased from Dover Saddlery and happened upon another in black without a throat snap at random while perusing a local tack shop, Cross Road. It was pre-owned (GASP!), needing a good cleaning and conditioning, but otherwise perfect for Paint Pony! At a fraction of the original price, I couldn’t go wrong. The color is just gorgeous on Dexter whose coat changes from a brown to dark bay to roaning depending on the time of year (no one is really sure what color he is).

Walsh British Horse Halter in Black

Thumbs Up 👍

Even my notorious roller can’t bust through these halters, and believe me: that’s saying something!

Thumbs Down 👎

Wish Walsh offered the ability to add a name plate at time of purchase rather than DIY.


Sure, you may pay a bit more up front for a Walsh leather halter at $114, but their proven ability to outlast the competition is well worth breaking into your piggy bank. Goodbye $30 leather halters from Amazon: may you rest in pieces at the bottom of Equine Exchange’s “free” box.

Bottom Line

All in all, a halter shouldn’t look this good! I would absolutely recommend a Walsh product to anyone who may be in the market for a new halter. Walsh has a huge range to accommodate your halter needs and even carries nylon and customizable color options, if that’s your thing. I’m more of a classic equestrian myself who enjoys the look of leather. I also own a Walsh nylon grooming halter that is one of my daily go-tos, but that’s another post!

Find out more about the Walsh British Horse Halter here.
You can also check out Walsh Products on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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