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The 6 Equestrian Belts Every Rider Should Have In Their Closet

Equestrian Belts

For most riders, a look isn’t complete without a belt. It’s one of the only ways to add a little splash of style your riding outfit since sassy shoes or a stylish handbag are obviously out of the question. So, we put together a list of the 6 equestrian belts every rider should have in their closet.

Helpful tip: If you buy quality leathers and suedes that suit your personal style, you shouldn’t have to replace your belts for a loooooong time.

1. C4
Equestrian Belts: C4

Above: C4 Navy Bits Classic Belt, $26.95

C4 stands for ‘Choose your Color, Choose your Cause’ And with every purchase you can choose one of four charities (they change yearly) to determine how C4 gives $1 back. Looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside! Did we mention they’re also 100% recyclable?

C4 offers belts in both a Classic (1.25″ wide) and Skinny (.75″) style with over 600 color combinations to choose from. The amount of customization is overwhelming. We dare you to not become undeniably addicted. The material is soft and flexible. They’re so comfortable you won’t want to take them off–actually you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing one as there’s never any pinching.

As a bonus, the plastic case that every C4 belt comes in can double as a storage container! BOOM.

2. Tato’s Custom Mallets
Equestrian Belts: Tato’s Custom Mallets Polo Belt

Above: Tato’s Custom Mallets Polo Belt – Beige & Navy Blue, $55

Whether you play polo or just admire the authentic designs, Tato’s Custom Mallets polo belts are the perfect compliment to any outfit. These aren’t just meant for the ladies, either. Men love them too!

Made of the highest quality Argentine leather, these belts are so smooth and buttery. Each belt is hand stitched in a beautiful alternating Aztec design with a waxed threading to ensure durability. Really great quality and the guys selling them from Tatos are extremely helpful.


3. Spiced Equestrian
Equestrian Belts: Spiced Equestrian Mrs Darcy Belt

Above: Spiced Equestrian Mrs. Darcy Belt, $33.99

What girl doesn’t love lace? Spiced Equestrian’s Mrs Darcy floral cutout leather belt will literally go with everything. It adds a touch of subtle feminine style to your look with pretty flower-and-leaf cutout detailing atop a rich leather strap.

4. Rebecca Ray
Equestrian Belts: Rebecca Ray 1.5″ Select Leather Bridle Stitch Belt

Above: Rebecca Ray 1.5″ Select Leather Bridle Stitch Belt, $99

Match your belt to your fancy stitched bridle? Can we get a HELL YEAH!

From breeches to jeans, this 1.5” wide belt adds equestrian flair to any look. They’re stunning pieces of american-made craftsmanship, hand stitched by Amish harness makers. And the leather is so so soft with a luxurious handbag feel. Best of all, each belt can be personalized by adding your own buckle!

5. Mango Bay
Equestrian Belts: Mango Bay Eventing Belt

Above: Mango Bay Eventing Belt, $19

Mango Bay belts are practical, affordable, and FUN! Made out of 100% cotton, using color-fast ink, they come in an array of colors and different equestrian inspired designs. They also offer different widths and even non-equestrian designs. It’s hard to own just one–THIS is next on our list!)

They look great with breeches, jeans, shorts, and dresses. Closures are flat rings that never slip and won’t scratch your saddle. If you’re between sizes (31″-48″), you can order customer-cut belts directly from the Mango Bay website!

6. Ovation®
Equestrian Belts: Ovation® Fashionista Belt

Above: Ovation® Fashionista Belt, $29.95

Again, affordable fashion! Now you can own that Hermes belt you’ve always wanted but at a fraction of the price! Ovation’s Fashionista Belt is classy and fun, reflecting your passion for horses. This finely texture leather belt comes in black, medium brown, dark brown, navy, light blue, orange, cobalt, purple, turquoise and pink. Dress it up or dress it down, this belt is perfect for show season or for an everyday casual outfit!


What equestrian belts are you lusting over?


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