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4 Ways To Beat Equine Skin Diseases with Mane ‘n Tail Pro-Tect Product Line

Mane 'N Tail ProTect

Each year, relentless rain drenches Pennsylvania through much of Spring. This creates a muddy mess that horse owners are all too familiar with. Not only does mud make riding your horse a bit more risky, but the increased bacteria associated with it can also cause problems on your horse’s feet, legs and skin.

My first line of defense? Mane ‘n Tail’s Pro-Tect® antimicrobial medicated formulas.

The Pro-Tect line consists of four items: Shampoo; Skin & Wound Spray; Wound Crème and Thrush Treatment. Not only are these products pleasantly fragrant, they’re also specifically formulated to safely treat existing skin ailments (even cuts, tears or abrasions without the burn or sting) or act as a preventive method when used regularly. I have one of each in my first aid kit! Because after all, the earlier you detect and treat issues, the less discomfort your horse will experience.

Upon first sight of any nasty fungal or bacterial skin condition, I head for the wash stall and immediately begin bathing the affected and surrounding areas with Mane ‘N Tail Pro-Tect® medicated shampoo. This gentle cleansing, therapeutic formula seems to speed healing and is fortified with moisturizers that condition the skin to prevent further issues such as hot spots or skin rashes. Dexter’s hives didn’t stand a chance against this product! During bathing, I always work the medicated shampoo into the skin and allow it to remain for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. Then I towel dry or air dry thoroughly. You can clip the affected area if need be, but don’t forget to disinfect your clippers and blades afterwards!

Following a good cleansing (or if the weather is too cold for bathing), I often grab a topical treatment such as Mane N’ Tail Pro-Tect® Wound Spray. This spray is one of my go-tos because it works unbelievably well and FAST to combat pesky issues like rain rot, fungus, hair loss from bug bites. Unlike other sprays, this product doesn’t collect dust or dirt on the coat. I’ve seen the most success from regular daily use.

For more sensitive-skinned horses (I’m talking to you, Thoroughbreds!) or boo-boos, I like to use Mane ‘N Tail Pro-Tect® Wound Cream for small lesions. It works great, doesn’t burn and is gentle for everyday. This deep penetrating cream actually soothes cuts, scrapes and abrasions so wounds heal quicker.

In wet conditions, be on the watch for your horse’s feet. They are more vulnerable to bruising their soles, developing thrush and getting bacterial infections. No hoof, no horse! I’m excited about Mane ‘N Tail Pro-Tect® Thrush Treatment Gel. It’s nontoxic (water based) and inexpensive. No smell, no staining, and it soaks into the hooves quickly. Plus, it’s safe enough to apply by hand! The less I have to use gloves and hold my nose, the better. I saw great results in a bad case of thrush with Dexter’s pasture-mate after about a week of use. However, the success of your treatment is also influenced by cleanliness of the frog–it should be picked out or bathed thoroughly on a daily basis and prior to treatment. Tip: Apply The Original Hoofmaker Intensive Protein Moisturizer to the outer hoof wall and coronary band to help further strengthen and recondition the hoof.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day! With the help of good hygiene, exposure to sunlight and antiseptic baths, most frustrating horse skin conditions can be prevented or stopped in their tracks with the right products and care.

So, for your horses’ ‘first line of defense’, discover Mane ‘n Tail’s specialty treatment products for added protection and care.

I received this product for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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